George Lorme

DeerAg Founder
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Over the years, I evolved as a hunter and moved to the level of managing my land and the wildlife on it. This is when I started planting food plots. At that time my options where to buy premixed commercial blends that either were inferior seeds or mixes where the seeds didn’t belong with each other. My other option was to buy individual seeds and do my own blends. My continuing education and passion for food plotting demanded a one stop shop for premium seed blends that deer liked but nothing was available. Talking to many other deer manager’s and deer hunters, I decided to create DeerAg. DeerAg is committed to offering premium wildlife seed blends that make sense and what wildlife crave! So DeerAg was created under the basic principle “It’s NOT what’s on the bag but what’s IN the bag”.
To grow quality food plots, you have to start with quality seed. We use premium seed in our blends to ensure you're starting with the best.
George Lorme, Founder DeerAg