DeerAg - FAQ's

What makes DeerAg different from other Food Plot Seed companies?

DeerAg is built on the philosophy to provide the best seed in all of our blends. We do not use cheap filler seeds and all seeds in our blends are premium, high yield and high performance seeds. With some companies, they may label their blends as "Premium" blends, charge a "Premium" price and only 10% of their bag is filled with "Premium" seed. At DeerAg, 100% of your bag will be filled with ta truly PREMIUM blend!

What are your custom blends?

DeerAg offers an option to customize your blends based on the seeds that we have in stock. If you wish to change the percentages of each type of seed, we will allow you to select the seed and quantity you desire to have in your mix. We will also bag our blends by seed size to ensure you the best opportunity at an even spread upon planting!

Do I really need to take a soil sample?

Yes. It is very important to understand the nutrients available in your soil. The N-P-K in your soil and PH level is extremely important. If your PH level is acidic, the ability for the plant to utilize the nutrients is hindered. Lack of germination and plant growth can suffer.

Do I need to add fertilizer to my soil?

Yes. Fertilizer is food for the plant. Each type of plant requires a certain percentage of N-P-K. The closer your PH level is to 7.0, the more the plant can uptake the N-P-K.

Do all seed blends make sense?

No. You need to understand the characteristics of the plant. Is it a grain, legume, grass, annual, perennial etc.. All Deerag seed blends are carefully selected for optimum growth and palatability.

What is an Annual?

An Annual plant is a plant that completes its life cycle, from germination to the production of seeds, within one year, and then dies.

What is a Biennial?

Plants which require two years to complete its life cycle. The first season growth results in a small rosette of leaves near the soil surface. During the second season’s growth stem elongation, flowering and seed formation occur followed by the entire plant’s death.

What is a Perennial?

Plants that persist for many growing seasons. Generally the top portion of the plant dies back each winter and regrows the following spring from the same root system.

Can annual and perennial seeds be planted together?

Yes. Since annual plants life cycle ends in one year they are quicker to establish than perennials. Annual seeds will act as a cover crop for the perennial seeds and allow food sooner for wildlife.

Why not buy seeds from your local seed mill?

An educated customer is our best customer. Meaning not all seeds are the same. Look at the seed label. DeerAg will only sell premium seeds.

Should I plant clover in the spring or fall?

Both. Clover can be established either in the spring or the fall. Spring planting usually has the best growing conditions. Competition with weeds and grass will be more prevalent in spring. Many food plotters have great success planting in the spring. Fall plantings usually have less competition from weeds and grass but the growing season has been cut short and most of the growth is below the ground. Come spring the clover will take off.

Once I'm done planting, is there anything else I need to do?

Yes. After your food plot has germinated you may need to do maintenance on the plot. You may need to apply herbicides, fertilizer or routine cuttings.