Planting Instructions

Site preparation, planting depth, available moisture and soil pH are KEY factors to SUCCESS!
Planting instructions:

1. Soil sample is always recommended.

2. Eliminate the weeds. Cultivate plot 4-6 inches deep. If soil sample isn’t available, we recommend broadcasting 300 lbs 13-13-13 fertilizer per acre and add up to 2,000lbs lime per acre into soil and cultivate.

3. Firm up soil using a cultipacker or roller. Broadcast half the seed in one directions and broadcast the remaining seed in the opposite direction.

4. Cultipack seed firmly into seed bed or use a drag.

*Even with proper site preparation, PH levels and quality seed, if you don’t have adequate moisture seed germination will suffer. Always plant you’re food plot when the soil has the proper moisture and when rain is predicted after planting. Lack of moisture can result in failed food plot.

Planting Guide

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