Food Plot Basics

The label on the seed bag tells the entire story of what's in the bag. It's the most valuable tool in selecting the proper seed. Always read the seed label before you BUY! Let's review the key elements to the seed label..
1) Germ: Germ stands for germination. The germ % represents the number of seeds that will germinate based on the tested date. Storing seed improperly will decrease the germination %. High quality seed will have a germination above 80%.
2) Test Date: This is the day the germination test was performed. Germination will change from year to year but purity and weed seed % remains the same.
3) Purity: Purity is the percentage of each seed in the bag.
4) Crop: Any seeds in the bag that are not part of the species or weed seeds. They are normally the result of harvesting process.
5) Species: Species is the type of seed. Each species and or variety must be listed on the label.
6) Inert: This refers to materials in the bag that will not germinate. This can be dead seed, parts of seed, stalk and dirt. Anything over 3% is poor quality.
7) Weed: This represents the % of weed seeds in the bag. High quality seed will not have more than 0.2% of weed seeds per bag.
So before you buy your next food plot seed bag, read the seed label. Make sure you are getting high quality seeds and the seeds you think you are getting. Remember it's what's inside the bag not what's on the bag that's important!