Droptine Trophy Buffet

Early Season Attraction at it's best!
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DTB will provide diversity and plenty of food. The seed for DTB has been carefully selected and will have deer craving it from the initial planting. Consisting of Oats, Winter Wheat, Winter Peas and Medium red clover for a true wildlife buffet!
  • Early Season Attraction
  • Deer can't resist the young growth
  • Diverse maximum tonage
  • Pulls in deer from your neighbors land
  • Easy to Grow
  • Tolerates low pH levels

Planting Instruction:

  • Plant 25lbs per 1/2 acre
  • Easy to plant
  • Planting Depth 1/4"-1/3"

Note: Planting dates and times may vary by region. Consult with DeerAg directly OR visit the Plotting 101 Blog and Planting Instructions section of the site for more detailed planting instructions.