Hitlist Clover with Brassica

Premium perennial clovers and high yeild forage brassicas
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Hit list clover is a dual purpose blend. The Forage Brassica will provide high quality food during the fall and will allow the premium clovers to establish. Come spring green up, the clover will rigorously take off. This premium blend is a good way to convert an annual plot into a perennial plot.
  • Perennial White Clover
  • Annual Forage Brassica providing cover crop for white clover and attractive well into the fall
  • Dual Purpose Blend
  • High Protein and Sugar Content
  • Easy to plant
  • Makes a great hunting plot for Deer and Turkey

Planting Instruction:

  • Plant 8 lbs per acre
  • Plant at least 45-60 days prior to the first frost
  • Optimum PH levels should be between 6.0-7.0
  • Planting Depth 1/8"-1/4"

Note: Planting dates and times may vary by region. Consult with DeerAg directly OR visit the Plotting 101 Blog and Planting Instructions section of the site for more detailed planting instructions.