The ultimate food plot screen!
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The ultimate food plot screen. You want deer to use your plot during daylight hours? Well the deer need to feel safe. The Wall is blend of Egyptian Wheat and Sorgum Sudan Hybrids. Reaching heights 8-12 feet at maturity will provide the proper security for the deer not to mention the ability for the hunter to slide into his or her deer blind.
  • Can grow 8-12 feet tall
  • Great to hid food plots from roads and neighbors
  • Plan around food plots to make deer feel safe during daylight
  • Pulls in deer from your neighbors land
  • Easy to plant
  • PH 5.5-7

Planting Instruction:

  • Plant 5lbs per 1/4 acre
  • Easy to plant
  • Planting Depth 1/2"-3/4"

Note: Planting dates and times may vary by region. Consult with DeerAg directly OR visit the Plotting 101 Blog and Planting Instructions section of the site for more detailed planting instructions.