Chic Sensation

The Ultimate Hunting Plot!
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Hands down chicory has proven to be one of the best drought resistant plant for wildlife plantings. Not only is it drought resistant it provides high protein content up to 30%. Chicory is very desired by wildlife and it is suitable for all soil conditions. Chicory is a very tuff cool season perennial crop.
• High protein content
• Drought tolerant
• PH 6-7.0
• Easy to plant
• Hardy cool season crop
• Makes a great hunting plot for Deer and Turkey

Planting Instruction:

• Planting depth 1/8-1/4 inch
• Planting time –spring or fall
• 5 lbs an acre

Note: Planting dates and times may vary by region. Consult with DeerAg directly OR visit the Plotting 101 Blog and Planting Instructions section of the site for more detailed planting instructions.